June 14-15: Sanctuary

ASTU Music, in collaboration with Dance Mission Theater, presents

June 14-15:  Friday & Saturday, 8pm at Dance Mission Theater
Free to the public!

Reserve a ticket! (Reservations go live Friday, May 10)

Sanctuary is an afro-fantasy story of Black queer joy and imagination reimagining church and the creation story through Black trans and queer ever-evolving spirituality, myth and folklore. As the narrative unfolds, we are transported between the vibrant halls of a church and a fantastical garden within a parable from the pastor’s sermon out of the sacred text.

The story explores themes of God as the embodiment of change and the duality of life and death, emphasizing embracing darkness as an integral part of life. Ultimately, it is a powerful celebration of the beauty of the present moment, drawing on traditions of the past to create a vision of the future.

This show is supported in part by Dance Mission Theater’s space grant and the Dream Keepers Initiative.

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