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Dance Mission Theater presents Adia Tamar Whitaker’s Following the Road to Ose Tura

Aug 15-18, 2024

A ritual dance theater performance experience featuring the work of Adia Tamar Whitaker, Àṣẹ Dance Theater, and Efeya Sampson at varios locations throughout San Francisco.

Press release
Press photos
Promo video


Dance Mission Theater presents Harriet’s Gun 2: Shapeshifting Towards A Radically Imagined Black Future

An online dance festival featuring 16 prolific dance artists/companies. Two days, two distinct line-ups!
May 18-19, 2024

Curated by Sarah Crowell and Adia Tamar Whitaker
Featuring emcee, Rhodessa Jones

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Press photos

Artist bios


Dance Brigade presents Match Girrl

January 19-28, 2024

Join Dance Brigade for a a fractured fairytale about class struggle. Match Girrl is a deep, heartening, and even humorous reimagining of  Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale, The Little Match Girl.  Set in a contemporary urban setting, director Krissy Keefer uses dance, theater, and original writings to explore the “doom loop”  of our beloved San Francisco.

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D.I.R.T. Festival – Dance In Revolt(ing) Times 2023: Citizen SUPREME

April 15-23, 2023

The D.I.R.T. Festival, or Dance In Revolt(ing) Times, is a social political dance festival presenting artists whose work explicitly addresses local/global challenges through their creative process. Citizen SUPREME is an urgent response to the recent supreme court decisions that have seemingly stripped away freedoms and pushed progress back decades, including but not limited to those surrounding ROE and reproductive justice, gun control, and the attack on the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Liberation Academy 
A free series of round table discussions, music & dance workshops, and films for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) dedicated to freedom (presented in a virtual and hybrid format).
Jan-June 2022
Director bios
Director photos (for press)

D.I.R.T. Festival 2021 – Dance In Revolt(ing) Times
Harriet’s Gun: Shapeshifting Towards a Radically Imagined Black Future 
Online – virtual performance
March 5 & 13, 2021
Artist bios
Artist photos
Trailer  (1:57 min)
Trailer (1 min)

Butterfly Effect
Dance Brigade’s latest site-specific work on climate crisis
At Dance Mission Theater
January 24 – February 9, 2020

Dance Mission Theater’s 20th Anniversary Celebration
At the Herbst Theater
November 8, 2019

Más que bailar en Cuba bailaremos por Cuba
Arenas Dance Company
October 6-13, 2019

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Photos of Arenas Dance Company, by Brooke Anderson

Mission Youth Arts Festival
Sunday, June 9, 2019

D.I.R.T. Festival 2019: stormSURGE
Dance In Revolt(ing) Times
March 9-17, 2019
PRESS RELEASE – PDF / WordDoc / Photos
Artist bios – PDF / Word

Bakanal de Afrique, November 2018

Grrrl Brigade in Dancing on the Edge of the World! : April 2018

The Isadora Duncan Awards 2018


Match Girrl in Mission Local
A Cultural Mission returns with ‘Match Girrl’
By Andrew Gilbert: Jan 18, 2024

D.I.R.T Festival is awarded a “Special Award” by the Isadora Duncan Awards
Isadora Duncan Dance Awards or “The Izzies” recognizes the 2023 D.I.R.T. Festival

A reflection on D.I.R.T. Program C
Reflection: Dance Mission Theater presents D.I.R.T Prog. C a performance by & for the people
By Jen Norris: April 27, 2023

D.I.R.T. in 48 Hills
D.I.R.T. Festival channels disastrous Supreme Court decisions into dance


sii Agua sí in Mission Local

‘Sii agua sí,’ but not on Saturday


Our Work, Our Dignity (a project of Baile Colectivo / Cuerpos Sanos, Mentes Sanas) featured in KQED
At Dance Mission, Migrant Workers Share Stories of Self-Empowerment


Guaranteed Income Program (a project of YBCA with Dance Mission, SF BATCO, Galeria de la Raza, Chinese Cultural Center, Transgender District, Black Freighter Press) featured in KQED
60 More San Francisco Artists Receive Guaranteed Income Payments
Nastia Voynovskaya, June 28, 2022


Baile Colectivo on ABC News!
SF Carnaval returns for 1st time since pandemic, domestic workers dance to better mental health
May 27, 2022


Artistic Director Krissy Keefer in the SF BAY TIMES
Let’s Dance 
By Jewelle Gomez, July 29, 2021



D.I.R.T. Festival featured on CBS’ Black Renaissance
With Jan Mabry, March 21 & 28, 2021


D.I.R.T. Festival 2021 in SF Chronicle
Dance Mission’s D.I.R.T. Festival puts future in Black Hands Without Waiting for Reparations
By Rachel Howard, March 4, 2021


D.I.R.T. Festival 2021 in SFCV
Dance Mission Theater Kicks Up the D.I.R.T.
By Emily Wilson, March 1, 2021


D.I.R.T. Festival 2021 in Mission Local
Happiness is Harriet’s Gun
By Andrew Gilbert, March 1, 2021


Dance Mission’s Reparations Program in Dance Magazine
Why Dance Mission Theater is Starting a Reparations Program
By Thomas Ford, Dec 9, 2020


Dance Mission’s Learning Pods on the cover of the SF Chronicle
Kids Being Normal Again
By Jill Tucker, Oct 22, 2020


Review of Hemorrhage in 48 Hills
Review: Out loud and proud in the Mission, Dance Brigade returns
By Rita Felciano, Oct 14, 2020


Dance Mission’s Reparations Program in the Bay Area Reporter
SF dance group offers reparations

By David-Elijah Nahmod, August 26, 2020


Dance Mission’s response to COVID-19 in the press
Mercury News


Dance Brigade’s Butterfly Effect reviewed in the SF Chronicle
Review: Past and future collide in Dance Brigade’s defiant ‘Butterfly Effect’
By Melissa Hudson Bell, SF Chronicle: January 27, 2020

Dance Brigade’s Butterfly Effect in 48 Hills
With ‘Butterfly Effect’ choreographer Krissy Keefer caps decades of eco-activism
By Joshua Rotter,  48 Hills: Jan 20, 2020

Dance Mission’s 20th Anniversary celebration, Adelante, in the SF Chronicle
Dance Mission celebrates 20 years of motion by moving downtown, for a night
By Melissa Hudson Bell, SF Chronicle: November 7, 2019

Dance Mission’s Managing Director, Stella Adelman, featured in the SF Examiner
SF Lives: A dancer on a mission
By Denise Sullivan, SF Examiner: October 27, 2019

Dance Mission’s 20th Anniversary celebration featured in Mission Local
Dance Mission celebrates 20 years of dancing and teaching
By Annie Berman, Mission Local: November 1, 2019

Dance Mission’s 20th Anniversary celebration, Adelante, in the SF Classical Voice
Dance Mission Theater Celebrates 20 Years With a Leap Into the Future
By Lou Fancher, SFCV, October 28, 2019  


Mission Youth Arts Festival in El Tecolote
Mission Youth Arts Festival: Photo Story
By Ivan Hernandez, El Tecolote : June 20, 2019

Mission’s all-female dance program celebrates 16 years
Grrrl Brigade presents Stand UP! A show of resistance
By Melissa Perez Winder, El Tecolote : April 11, 2019

Various Artists – D.I.R.T. Festival, storm SURGE edition – San Francisco
D.I.R.T. Festival, storm SURGE edition
By Claudia Bauer : March 13, 2019
Download PDF


D.I.R.T. artist, Patrick Makuakane talks about Climate Change on Stance In Dance
Creating Hula in Response to Climate Change
By Emmaly Wiederholdt : March 7, 2019
Download PDF


Grrrl Brigade Talks to Dancer’s Group
Grrrl Brigade, 15 Years of Social-Feminist Dance
By Marivel Mendoza and Emma Miller : April 1, 2018
Download PDF

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards
Keefer, Rubeck Wins Isadora Duncan Dance Awards
San Francisco Chronicle : March 2018

Keefer, Rubeck and SF Bay Area International Deaf Festival  Receive Awards
Isadora Duncan Dance Awards : March 2018

Inspiring Display of Talent at Black Choreographers Festival
By Claudia Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle : February 18, 2018

Summer Feast’s Review in Dos Mundos
Dos Mundos : July, 2017
Download PDF

The Do List: ‘D.I.R.T Festival’ Review
‘D.I.R.T Festival’ Resists Land Grab and Trump Agenda
By Carla Escoda, KQED Arts : March 30, 2017
Download PDF

D.I.R.T. Artist Rulan Tangen is Featured in KQED Arts
For Rulan Tangen, To Dance Is To Live, To Live Is To Dance
By Claudia Escobar : April 12, 2017

Dance Brigade on the Cover of SF Sounds
Krissy Keefer and Dance Brigade: 40 Years of Innovation and Collaboration
By Anya De Marie : February 1, 2017

Dance Brigade’s 40th Anniversary
Krissy Keefer Dance Brigade: Fierce, Feminist and 40
By Claudia Bauer, San Francisco Chronicle : January 14, 2017

Dance Brigade’s 40th Anniversary celebration, Video Feature
SF’s wild, wonderful Dance Brigade going strong at 40
KQED Arts : January 13, 2017

My Linh Le talks about her piece for the D.I.R.T. Festival
Ballet Scene | Crossing Boundaries: Turfers and ballet dancers come together to address social justice
By Heather Wisner, Dance Studio Life Magazine : December 1, 2016

Deaf Dance Festival Featured KQED Arts
Antoine Hunter Empowers Deaf Community Through Dance
By Claudia Escobar : August 9, 2016

Deaf Dance Festival Featured
Feel the Beat: Dancing While Deaf
The Great Big Story : August 2016

D.I.R.T. Artist profiled By KQED Arts
How Turfers and Ballet Dancers Found Their Groove Together
By Kelly Whalen : March 1, 2016

Krissy Keefer and Stella Adelman Talk About the Intersection of Art and Politics
The Beat of 24th and Mission
By Christine Joy Ferrer, Race, Poverty & the Environment : August, 2015

Susana Arenas’ Cuban Folkloric Dance Class at Dance Mission
The Spiritual Edge: Afro-Cuban movement with meaning : March 11, 2015

SFBG Interviews Krissy Keefer about Dance Brigade’s Hemorrhage
Vanishing point: Hemorrhage takes on San Francisco’s identity crisis
By Rita Felciano, SF Bay Guardian : January 21, 2014

Krissy Keefer Interview about Dance Brigade’s 35-Year Retrospective
Krissy Keefer celebrates 35 of dance inspired by feminist activism
By Leslie Gallagher, SF Examiner : November 12, 2011

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