Dance Mission in the Schools


Thanks to funding from the California Arts Council, Dance Mission is now offering Creative Movement classes during the school year at out local Head Start, Mission Neighborhood Center's Centro de Alegría. We are proud to serve four bilingual (Spanish-English) classrooms.

Early childhood education / preschool interventions are arguably one of the most important elements of support for low income families. And studies have shown that incorporating arts and movement into the classroom creates a well-rounded curriculum, turning students into more holistic/independent learners and problem solvers. While such enrichment programs are evident in wealthier academic settings, schools that serve low income communities of color are often forced to let go of such programs due to budget constraints. By providing movement classes onsite, students will be able to participate in artistic enrichment in a space that they feel comfortable and safe, and during a stage of life that is one of the most critical for development.

Creative Movement is a positive introduction to dance. It is a joyful/non-competitive/gender non-specific way for children to explore movement through music/physical skills development and promotes creativity.

Dance Mission and the GRRRL Brigade are also available to come to your high school for one day workshops.  Our workshops are grounded in contemporary and ballet dance technique, and are taught with a girl empowerment and leadership focus.  If this interests you, or to bring a member of our staff to your location, please email Fredrika at


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