HOME: A perfomance series



HOME: A Year-Long Performance Activation Series
Funded in part by the California Arts Council

Many of us are struggling with issues of HOME —  especially here in the Mission. The Mission was home to Latinx families, artists, activists, and the working class, immigrants, refugees, and political exiles. Now it is ground zero in the fight against displacement of those for whom the Mission was once refuge.

The question of home has only been exacerbated exponentially in the past year  as we are forced to grapple with what happens when:

…your search for a safer home lands you in a cage / ICE kidnaps you from your home / you are supposed to shelter in place but you have no shelter / you are supposed to shelter in place but home is not safe / police murder you while you are asleep in your home / climate change fires have burned down your home / houseless moms are ripped from homes even though they sit empty / only a few get to work from home / there are  12 people living in your two bedroom home / the original land stewards of your home have been dispossessed… 

Join us in a series of performance events that are activating the streets of our beloved Mission District, as we know that art helps us uncover answers to the questions that haunt us.

Events include: Pop-up performances of Dance Brigade’s Hemorrhage: An Ablution of Hope; The Mission Youth Arts Festival, celebrating the rising young voices of tomorrow; Incantation, a procession, performance, and prayer for regime change, and Lifting the Veil, an art  installation honoring our ancestors and the original caretakers of the land.

One of the spots that we will be activating is the pit which runs from 22nd/Mission to 22nd/Bartlett Street. This was the site of the 2015 arson fire (which was followed by two other fires, making it impossible for the structure to be rebuilt)  that killed one person and displaced some 60 residents, mostly low-income Latinx immigrants. Many businesses serving the neighborhood were also displaced. The pit has sat empty for the past five years because there is a fight between the landlord and the community about what will be built in its place: will it be more luxury apartment buildings or will it be affordable housing built by and for the people? Join us to insist that the answer be the later. 

HOME is funded in part by the California Arts Council.

UPCOMING HOME EVENTS (Starting September 2020)

Dance Brigade’s Hemorrhage: An Ablution of Hope (Excerpts)
Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 2pm
24th Street BART station, SF

Mission Youth Arts Festival 2020: Pop-up Performances
Saturday, October 3rd at 2:30pm
Starts at 24th/Mission Streets, ends at 22nd/Bartlett
A recording of the festival + live panel will be streamed Oct 10 at 7pm.

Dance Brigade’s Hemorrhage: An Ablution of Hope (Excerpts)
Saturday, October 10 at 2pm
Bartlett  & 22nd Streets, SF

Incantation: A performance, procession, and prayer for regime change
Thursday, Oct 29:  4-6pm
Bartlett/22 to Mission/24
With performances by Dance Brigade, Rara Tou Limen,  Arenas Dance Company and others

Lifting the Veil: An Installation
Monday, Nov 1 at 7pm
Dance Mission Theater windows
Performance and video by Lena Gatchalian, Jaco Strydom, Vanessa Sanchez, Rising Rhythm, Bianca Mendoza, Wakan Wiya Two Spirit Drum, Adrian Arias, Javier Stell-Frésquez, and MMIW/P of California.

Afro Urban Society’s Bakanal de Afrique
Monday, November 30 at 6pm
Mission & 22nd Streets

Baile Colectivo with La Colectiva de Mujeres
February 2021
Mission & 22nd Streets

Tossie Long
March 2021

D.I.R.T. Festival 2021
Marking the 30th anniversary of the beating of Rodney King by the LAPD


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