SalSamba with Carmen Carrasco (new time!)

January 25, 2024




SalSamba with Carmen Carrasco

Now Tuesdays, 8-9:15pm * Starting April 2, 2024

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Cost: $18 (cash) or $20 (credit card)
Please note: no refunds/cancelations/exchanges; DMT class packs accepted. 

Class Description
This class is designed for dancers to explore and combine some of Carmen’s favorite dance genres: Salsa, Samba, Baile Funk, and Funk. Within each class we will warm up, drill combinations, dance across the floor, and build our own easy-to-follow mini routine. Towards the end of class, we will challenge you to perform the routine at slow, medium, and fast tempos! Ready for a fun challenge?! LET’S GO!

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