Hip Hop with Inez Sychnell

October 5, 2023




Hip Hop (Beg/Int) with Inez Sychnell 

Time: Saturdays, 12:30pm-2pm

Location: Dance Mission Theater (3316 24th St)

Cost: $18 (cash) or $20 (credit card) 
Please note: no refunds/cancelations/exchanges; DMT class packs accepted 


Artist Bio
Inez Schynell was born and raised in San Francisco, passionately working at the intersection of justice, identity and dance. As a Choreographer, Hip Hop Educator, Mental Health Educator, Social Justice Facilitator, and Beauty-Prenuer, she embodies a multifaceted approach to her work. Through her artistry, Inez empowers individuals to reclaim their identity and promote justice through the transformative power of dance.

Class Description
What is Hip Hop Galore? Hip Hop is both a musical genre and cultural movement that incorporates different art elements. Hip Hop Galore is about exploring different avenues of hip hop. From sexy to street to grooves and party moves. The global influence of hip hop continues to impact new and old generations. In this class, you will be pushed on choreography retention, musicality, movement quality, stamina, and steeze. This class is suitable for beginners and advanced dancers who are looking to have a fun class!

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