Oct 27-29: FLACC 2023 – Cuatro Vientos

FLACC 2023: Cuatro Vientos (four winds)

Performance dates:
Oct 27-29 at Dance Mission Theater
Program A: Friday 8pm, Sat 5:30pm
Program B: Sat 8pm, Sun 5:30pm
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If you are interested in learning more about and signing up for the FLACC master classes that will be held Oct 23-27, Mon-Fri, at Dance Mission,  please visit here.

FLACC2023: Cuatro Vientos celebrates the Bay Area’s 10th Annual Festival of Latin American Contemporary Choreographers with performances, classes, audience engagement and an Art Talk at the Latinx Research Center in Berkeley. FLACC is an international magnet in the world of contemporary dance, celebrating radically inclusive, futurist, and leading choreographers from Latin America, the U.S. and Caribbean Islands. Don’t miss this opportunity to see local and visiting artists sharing their innovative work! Mark your calendars and get ready to be blown away!

~All shows are 1 hour in duration~

[Program A] Friday Oct. 27 (8pm with Q & A) + Saturday Oct. 28 (5:30pm)

Christopher “Un Pez Verde” Nuñez (Costa Rica/US)

Gabriel Ceceña(MX)

Fernando Ramos (Puerto Rico/US)


[Program B] Saturday Oct. 28 (8pmwith Q & A) + Sunday Oct. 29 (5:30pm)

Karla Quintero(Colombia/Nicaragua/US) + Belinda He (Singapore/US)

Fana Fraser (Trinidad and Tobego/US)

Joey Navarrete(US/MX) + Rosa Rodriguez (US/MX)

*Post Show Q & A: Friday and Saturday 8pm Shows (Both Programs A + B) moderated by Dr. Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz.


*Master Classes all week at Dance Mission Theater! Oct. 23-27 (see website!) Don’t miss this rare opportunity to take classes with our local and visiting artists!

*ART TALK at the Latinx Research Center! Oct. 25th 4pm by Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz. Choreographies of Divergence: Latinx Contemporary Dance in the Americas Moderated by Liz Duran Boubion

For more info: www.flaccdanza.org

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