September 8-9: The Source

Dancing Earth in partnership with Dance Mission Theater presents
The Source

September 7-10, 2023
Venues: Dance Mission Theater and Cal State East Bay.
Events at Dance Mission will be held Sept 8th and 9th.

Presented by DANCING EARTH with special thanks to Tala Mai Moana as Cultural Visioning Partner and Dance Mission Theater as a co-presenter.

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“The Source” is a gathering of intercultural experiences of multi-disciplinary creativity, wellness, and compassion – conjured by and for our diverse communities. In partnership with Dance Mission Theater in September 2023, this 4-day cultural-spiritual nourishing exchange evokes Reciprocity and Relationship; Imagination, and Dreaming. Dancing Earth’s cooperative artist leaders intend to collectively restore, nourish, and embrace our community to “Come As You Are”, “Create As You Are”, “Experience As You Are”, and finally “Reflect As You Are”– through an immersive community experience of ritual, performance, workshops, cultural shares, and ancestral connectivity through multiple exchanges.

Co-curated through the channels and community of Tala Mai Moana (TMM) the stories from the oceans of the South Pacific as cultural visioning partner – – this gathering interweaves DE’s 19+ years in the community as refreshed with vision from TMM’s founding legacy. This gathering celebrates Intergenerational Cultural Creative Leaders, while creating space that invites all to participate in honoring the stories from the Past while creating new pathways of RE-Sourcing into the future.


Fri, Sept. 8th “Create As You Are”
5:30-9:30pm @ Dance Mission Theater

– 5:30-5:55pm Blessing and Welcoming of Space with Gregg Castro
– 5:55-6:00pm Source Welcoming with Elaine Talamaivao, Gabriel Carrion-Gonzales
– 6:00 – 6:40pm Language and Cultural Revitalization in Song and Storytelling with Kanyon Coyote Woman Sayers-Roods & Esme Olivia
– 6:45-7:15pm Tala Mai Moana Feature
– 7:20-7:30pm Yaku – Daughter of the Lake with Vannia Ibarguen
– 7:30-8:00pm Dancing Earth presents: Eco Elegies Ritual of Re:Mix
– 8:00-8:20pm SNJV presents: The Definition of Drag
– 8:20-8:30pm BREAK
– 8:30-9:30pm Source Day 2 Closing Dance Party with IИTI Música


Sat, Sept. 9th “Experience As You Are”
6:30-9:30pm @ Dance Mission Theater

– 6:30-6:35pm Source Welcoming with Gabriel Carrion-Gonzales, Elaine Talamaivao
– 6:35pm-7:00pm Language and Cultural Revitalization in Song and Storytelling with Kanyon Coyote Woman Sayers-Roods & Esme Olivia
– 7:00-7:30pm Dancing Earth presents: UNBOUND – an excerpt and offering
– 7:30-7:55pm Love Deeply: The Divine Sip and Color Sacred Wellness Workshop with Christine Joy Ferrer a.k.a tinejoy
– 7:55-8:05pm Breath as Love: Igniting Self-Love in a Non-Judgemental Space with Gabriel Carrion-Gonzales
– 8:15-9:30pm Source Day 3 Closing Dance Party with Audiopharmacy

About Eco Elegies – Ritual of Re:Mix

A new work created by Dream Visioner Creatrix Rulan Tangen.
Friday Evening, September 8th at Dance Mission Theater
Eco Elegies – Ritual of Re:Mix is a series of interdisciplinary, multisensory performance rituals that responds to time, place, and people. Reflecting diversity as a centering principle, we explore DE’s emerging concept of “mixed-icism” as a template for relation-building and adaptation in the age of climate crisis.
Each Eco Elegy Ritual iteration is an experiential and immersive journey that invites audiences to become active participants in reconnecting to themselves, each other and the world, summoning in love, gratitude, wonder and compassion for every life form as part of a sacred ecosystem.
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