Sept 5-6: Ilê Aiyê Dance and Drum Workshops

Dance Mission’s Liberation Academy presents
Ilê Aiyê Afro Brazilian Dance and Drum Workshops

Sept 5-6, 2023 at Dance Mission

We are THRILLED to announce that Ilê Aiyê is here teaching Afro-Brazilian Dance and Afro-Brazilian Drumming Workshops.

Two opportunities to study Afro Brazilian Dance!
– Tuesday, Sept 5:  6:30-8pm
– Wednesday, Sept 6: 6:30-8pm

Two opportunities to study Afro Brazilian Drumming!
– Tuesday, Sept 5: 8-9:30pm
– Wednesday, Sept 6: 8-9:30pm

* $30/class
* $50 if you are taking back-to-back dance/drum classes!
Sign-up (make sure to scroll down until you reach your desired sign-up list: just dance, just drumming, or both!)

Ilê Aiyê is a carnival block from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. It is located in the Curuzu/Liberdade neighborhood, the largest afro-descendent population area of Salvador. The name stems from the Yoruba language: Ilé – home; Ayé – life; which can be loosely translated as ‘earth’. It was founded in 1974 by Antônio Carlos “Vovô” and Apolônio de Jesus, making it the oldest Afro-Brazilian block.

Ilê Aiyê works to raise the consciousness of the Bahian black community. Persecuted by the police and the media during its first years, and still controversial for only allowing blacks to parade with the group, Ilê Aiyê is a renowned element of Bahia’s carnival. The group pioneered the type of carnival group known as the bloco afro, featuring themes from global black cultures and history, and celebrating the aesthetic beauty of black people. All other Afro-Brazilian blocos borrow elements originally created by Ilê Aiyê, including such groups founded shortly afterwards, such as Olodum and Malê Debalê.

Presented by Dance Mission’s Liberation Academy with support from the Dream Keeper’s Initiative.

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