June 10: Remembrances

Corporación Tango presents Remembrances

Saturday, June 10 at 8pm

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Rememberances is a show that evokes and honors the great artists of the tango genre. It pays homage to those who inspired its directors and choreographers, Alejandra Armenti and Daniel Juárez,  and give life to each chord, each beat and poetry of our tango. The show invites us to look back and rediscover those moments that made us happy and to which we can always return.

Corporación Tango, unlike other tango companies, was born and created in the Buenos Aires milongas, on the social dance floors of Buenos Aires, where tango lives in its purest expression. Thanks to the acceptance of critics and dance experts, the Company, after 20 years from creation, is still in force and creating new paintings and movements with its usual stamp.

After the show you can stay with the cast for dancing on stage at “Milonga on Stage” !

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