Haitian Folklore with Portsha Jefferson

January 14, 2023




Haitian Folklore with Portsha Jefferson
Live drumming!


Please note, class will be 12:30-2pm on Saturday, May 4, 2024.


About the monthly class

This class introduces the technique of Haitian Folkloric dance. Representing various nations such as Mayi, Ibo and Nago, each dance has its own distinctive character, choreography and spirit. You will experience the meditative Yanvalou, the fiery rhythms of Petwo, to the playful and celebratory dances of Banda and Rara. Expect a high energy class in celebration of a rich, spiritual tradition. A dance experience guaranteed to UPLIFT, INSPIRE & INFORM! Class is done barefoot. Bring clothes you can move in and a long, flow-y Caribbean style skirt (if you have one). Live Music!

About Portsha 

Portsha Jefferson is the founder and artistic director of Rara Tou Limen, an arts organization that has been promoting Haitian culture for the past six years. RTL has continually offered participants the opportunity to experience Haitian music, dance and culture through classes, workshops, performances and educational events in both the United States and in Haiti. Portsha has taught creative movement and Haitian Folkloric dance in schools, universities, community centers and dance studios for eleven years. A passionate believer in education and youth development, she has worked for several youth organizations including The Young Performers Theater, The San Francisco Arts Education Project, Westlake School of the Arts, Opera Picolla, DanceVersity and Swivel Arts. Portsha’s dedication and exploration of Haitian culture have brought her to Haiti, where she has traveled throughout the country to research regional dance, rhythms and musical traditions. Currently, Portsha is an artist in residence for Oakland, Berkeley and SF Unified School District. In addition, she is a faculty instructor at East Bay Dance Center and at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts. She also serves as a Cultural Arts Specialist with Oakland Parks and Recreation.  raratoulimen@gmail.com

Check out this clip of Portsha’s choreography.

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