Oct 15: Paseo Artistico presents “The 80’s Matter in the Mission”


“The 80’s Matter in the Mission”


Saturday October 15, 2022:  1:00pm-7:00pm


Various venues on 24th Street/Calle 24 Latino Cultural District

At Dance Mission Theater: 5PM — Las Muralistas: Our Walls, Our Stories documentary film by Javier Briones and Myisa Plancq-Graham 

This October Accion Latina and Paseo Artistico pays tribute to the Latinx organizers and artists that responded to the AIDS epidemic and the immigration of Central American refugees to San Francisco’s Mission District in the 1980s featuring performances and presentations from some of the same artists and organizers who helped bring awareness to those powerful moments in our history.


In the spirit of reclamation, the October 15 Paseo Artistico: The 80’s Matter in the Mission” begins with a live performance at the corner of 24th and Bryant, the site of the evicted Galeria de La Raza  with music by Los Peludos and a capoeira demonstration by Omulu Capoeira, founded in the 1980’s in SF by Mestre Preguica. Then Accion Latina will host a facilitated conversation about the roots of Central American refugees in San Francisco and how solidarity efforts during the civil wars in Nicaragua,  El Salvador and Guatemala also included the participation of artists. Then two consecutive literary events will happen featuring some of the foundational Latino poets of San Francisco at Medicine for Nightmares Bookstore, then at the celebrated Café La Boheme. We will then feature the new documentary Las Muralistas: Our Walls, Our Stories by Javier Briones and Myisa Pancq-Graham at Dance Mission Theater highlighting the women muralist movement in the Mission of the 1970’s-80’s. The event culminates at the Mission Cultural Center highlighting the Latino community’s experience with AIDS in the Mission District of the 1980’s by featuring a performance from Berta Hernandez of Teatro Callejero, as well as testimony from Concha Saucedo founder of Instituto Familiar de La Raza, and finally a screening of the first film to address AIDS in the Latino community “Ojos Que No Ven” written by Rodrigo Reyes, and commissioned by Concha Saucedo.“The 80’s Matter in the Mission” highlights how nuestra cultura Latina has continued to thrive through political turmoil, pandemics and social transformation through sustained solidarity efforts of intersectional organizing in the Mission District.

As always Paseo Artistico is FREE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY.


Paseo Artistico is co-presented by 24th Street cultural venues including Mission Cultural Center, Brava Theater, Dance Mission, Precita Eyes Muralists, Community Music Center, Medicine For Nightmares Bookstore, Adobe Books, Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, with the additional support of SF Museum of Modern Art. 


1PM — Musical Performance by Mission District Young Musicians Program MDYMP) and Los Peludos, and Capoeira performance by Omulu Capoeira –  24th St. @Bryant (former Galeria de La Raza) – Outdoors


2PM —  Central American Solidarity in the 1980’s Mission Conversation featuring Aura Beteta, First Sandinista Consulate in SF; Salvador Henriquez-Cordón, former Northern California coordinator for FMLN; Lariza Dugan-Cuadra, Executive Director of Central American Resource Center-SF (CARECEN); Gilberto Osorio, Co-founder of Mission Cultural Center, visual artist, FMLN Salvadoran revolutionary – ACCIÓN LATINA – 2958 24th Street @ Alabama St. – Indoors


3PM — Poetry, Sandinistas, and Pocho Che Legacy w/ Alejandro Murguia, Nina Serrano and Juan Felipe Herrera – MEDICINE FOR NIGHTMARES BOOKSTORE – 3036 24th St (@Treat) Indoors


4PM — Corazón del Barrio- Poetry and Music about Café La Boheme by Jorge Argueta, Neeli Cherkovski, Michael Koch and musician Alfredo Gómez– CAFÉ LA BOHEME – 3318 24th Street (@Mission St.)


5PM — Las Muralistas: Our Walls, Our Stories documentary film by Javier Briones and Myisa Plancq-Graham – DANCE MISSION THEATER – 3316 24th Street (@Mission St.) Indoors


6PM — “The Roots of AIDS Activism in the Mission” featuring performance and testimony by Berta Hernandez, Concha Saucedo, and screening of “Ojos Que No Ven” directed by Rodrigo Reyes, and more – MISSION CULTURAL CENTER – 2868 MISSION STREET (@25th St) Indoor

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