Ase Dance Theater Collective AUDITIONS

Àṣẹ Dance Theater Collective WEST Auditions

Saturday 6/25/2022
11:00a – 2:00p
Dance Mission Theater
3316 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
Rehearsals begin 7/11/22

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Everyone is welcome! BUT! Black and Brown movers, freestyle dancers, and vocalists 26 yrs and older with intermediate to advanced training in a western contemporary dance system, African based dance system (specifically Afro-Haitian, Haitian, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Afro-Dominican and Brazilian) are strongly encouraged to attend!Àṣẹ Dance Theatre Collective is a professional  “Neo-Folkloric” pick-up performance ensemble that specializes in traditional and contemporary dance and music theater from the African diaspora. Under the artistic direction of Adia Tamar Whitaker, a dancer/choreographer and vocalist from San Francisco, this 22-year old primarily Brooklyn based dance theater ensemble utilizes original vernacular movement, song, spoken word, contemporary modern, and traditional dance theater rooted in the Africanist aesthetic to illuminate conceptual ideas in the human experience.  In addition to the east coast ensemble that Whitaker founded in New York City (2000), she formed a west coast ensemble in the Bay Area (2009). In 2011, ASE West received an Isadora Duncan Award for Outstanding Performance.

Auditionees should be passionate about something other than performing. This audition is for grounded, mature, professional dance theater artists that maintain a consistent body conditioning routine, and are invested in the ancient medicine of ritual dance theater as a performance and healing practice. Performers should expect to;

  • Vocalize and sing in different languages
  • Learn and perform contemporary modern dance choreography
  • Play instruments 
  • Study and perform the African diasporic movement in the Àṣẹ repertory
  • Activate polyrhythmic magic 

We are looking for communicative, consistent, people with a strong work ethic, good spiritual hygiene, physical stamina, technique, patience, positive energy, drive, and the imagination to contribute something powerful to our ensemble performances. We want to work with people that demonstrate;

  • Dance about more than just dance
  • A strong connection to African culture
  • Respect for the intricacy of traditional movement
  • Respect for the Àṣẹ Dance Theater Collective community
We need dancers who can vocalize, hold a note, hold the rhythm, hold their balance, slice through space, and find breath where there seems to be none. Currently, Àṣẹ WEST is preparing for paid performances scheduled in August 2024 (details forthcoming). In preparation for these August 2024 performances, Àṣẹ WEST will rehearse nine hours per week between 7/11/22 and 7/29/22. Our specific July 2022 rehearsal days will be determined based on dancer availability.
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