March 12 – Paseo Artistico

Acción Latina in collaboration with community partners including Dance Mission Theater presents



Saturday March 12, 2022


Various venues on 24th Street/Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, San Francisco.

This March 12th Paseo Artistico highlights women of the Mission by honoring Jennie Rodriguez, Executive Director of Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts who recently stepped down after 25 years, as well as activist and philanthropist Olga Talamante, local muralists Lucia Gonzales Ippolito, Irene Perez, Susan Cervantes and many more. 


PASEO ARTISTICO Schedule March 12:

12PM– BRAVA Theater  2782 24th St (at York St.) – Opening celebration in honor of Olga Talamante with music performance by Liliana Herrera

12:30PM – SUNRISE RESTAURANT  3126 24th St (at Folsom St) – honoring business owner Alba Guerra. Come enjoy the Central American cuisine.

1PM – CALLE 24 LATINO CULTURAL DISTRICT  3250 24th Street (at Capp St.) –

Honoring muralists Flavia Mora and Monica Navarro with performances by Communith Music Center Mission District Young Musicians Program (MDYMP)

1:30PM – LA VICTORIA PANADERIA 3249 24th Street (at Capp St) – Honoring business owner Laura Hernandez with performance by SFUSD Mariachi Program 

2PM – LUZ DE LUNA  3182 24th St. – Honoring business owner Denise Gonzales

2:30PM – DANCE MISSION 3316 24th St.- Honoring muralist Susie Lundy with dance performance by Andreina Maldonado

3PM – BALMY ALLEY at 24th St. – Honoring MUJERES MURALISTAS Irene Perez and Precita Eyes Founder Susan Cervantes, and Lucia Gonzales Ippolito with performances by poets Olivia Peña, Josiah Luis, and Princeso

3:30PM – BALMY ALLEY at 24th Street – Honoring company director and dancer Metzi Henriquez with Brazilian music and dance performance by Fogo Na Roupa

4PM – MISSION CULTURAL CENTER 2868 Mission St. – Honoring Jennie Rodriguez with Taller Bombalele and Maria Medina

5PM – MEDICINE FOR NIGHTMARES  3036 24th St. – Platica Talk about Mural Restoration for “Mission Makeover” Mural with Lucia Gonzales Ippolito

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