Dance Mission’s COMHAR Festival is proud to partner with Campo Santo to present 


A watch party



Ethos de Masquerade

7pm Friday July 10 Watch Party

Presented in Association with Bay View Opera House and Dance Mission Theater

Reserve your spot!


Campo Santo continues to explore more forms and styles with this new dance ritual theatre piece created with Global Street Dance Masquerade. Ethos de Masquerade is new piece that brings the spirit of global masquerade rituals. We are creating a space- a global courtyard- where the Masquerade dances through and honors in Four Corners: Ancestors, Feminine Divine, Black Lives Matters, and AIDS. The hope is to awaken the spirits of lives lost in these movements. Told in the spirit of the Masquerade as tribal, communal, spiritual, ritual dance with original texts, videos, art installation, DJing, with live music in a theatre setting. The piece will enter the audience into a Global Courtyard for the Masquerade to emerge. The space will feature four corners: Ancestors, Feminine Divine, Black Lives Matter and AIDS. Each corner features original writing for that Corner from the potent array of writers (Luis Alfaro, Colman Domingo, Star Finch, Chinaka Hodge, and A.M. Smiley); film shorts from Joan Osato; a scenic installation for the Global Courtyard by Tanya Orellana with Brittany White; a soundscape from Wonway Posibul with live music by Adan Ortega; lighting by Alejandro Acosta; and costumes created for each corner by Mary Hogue of Praxis Clothing. The piece is conceived and choreographed by Rashad Pridgen, with collaborating direction from Star Finch and Sean San José.

Join us for this first time and one time screening, as we continue to share productions during this lockdown and help support the artists involved.

This Watch Party is dedicated to supporting ARTIST RELIEF for the cast and crew of Ethos de Masquerade. PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY and enjoy!

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