A letter from our director, Krissy Keefer

April 24, 2020




Butterfly Effect, 2020

Dear Community,

We are in unprecedented times: a pandemic and a worldwide economic shut-down. Unreal, scary, life-changing, unjust, and miserable sadness for many. And, in the middle of this, we each have our own universes to worry about — kids, parents, animals, and students, all while trying to care for our own physical and mental health as we decide which bills to pay. How are you doing? Let us know. Write to us. Call us. We are checking our messages frequently.

We are concerned about the Youth Program — the students, Grrrl Brigaders, teachers, and families who are trying to survive and make the best of a trying situation. Our seniors, who have lost the milestone of graduation, proms and goodbyes, are shaken to the core. Our hearts are with you. Listen to their reflections:

As the director of Dance Mission, I am committed to continue paying staff, teachers, contracted artists, rent, and to keep our new building capital campaign afloat in the midst of this colossal economic blow of canceled events, performances, classes, and studio rentals. It is daunting, but our team and Board of Directors continue to show up in ways that keep me inspired and grateful. Thank you.

We know that the arts community is vital to our well-being. Artists are already an endangered species here in the Bay Area, and if the collapse continues, only big box stores and online retail will remain. It is imperative that our arts organizations make it through this. Without them, there is no path, no history, and no vision for the future.

We have applied to all the City, State, and Federal assistance programs, but I feel like I am at the penny arcade and trying to capture a stuffed animal with those metal jaws, and just when you think you got that little pink elephant the jaws close and you are out of luck. The $2.5 million that the City has put to the arts is a welcomed gesture but I can’t help but notice that Berlin committed $5 billion to shore up their cultural institutions (Germany committed $50 billion country-wide). Again, we are competing with each other for very limited funds.

So, it is up to us. Individual donations are necessary for our survival. We know there are many parts of our broken system calling for aid at this time. But if you are able, please support Dance Mission. We are committed to spreading the money around and to not let this take us down. To all who have continued to support, THANK YOU!

Thank you and hang tight. We will get through this and will come out with a better understanding of what collective care looks like. Much love to all of you!!

Community First!!

Krissy Keefer
Director, Dance Brigade’s Dance Mission Theater / 415-826-4441

Check out the video below!  Do you see yourself?
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