COVID-19 Updates

March 14, 2020




Due to the coronavirus, and wanting to keep everyone safe, Dance Mission has made the following adjustments to the schedule::

Adult classes:
* In person adult classes will be canceled Monday, March 16 – May 1. 

* Many teachers are offering their classes ONLINE!  Check out the schedule here.

Youth classes:
* In person youth classes will be canceled Saturday, March 14- May 1. We are offering some classes online.

* Performances are canceled through the end of April. Please check website for new dates.

This is a difficult time for many artists and arts organizations. But our community is a strong one and there are many ways to help: 

** If you have tickets to a show that is rescheduled and you cannot make the new date, think about making your ticket purchase a donation instead of asking for a refund.

** If you are able, consider making a one-time or reoccurring donation to Dance Mission to help weather this period of mass closures. It will also help us offer support to the folks that work with us on an hourly basis on events that are now canceled.

** And, last, but far from least, support teaching artists. Teaching artists are taking an especially large financial hit with low class numbers and now studio closures. Many teachers are offering their classes online. Check out their social media pages for details. Some have a venmo handle if you want to donate to them directly. Dance Mission is also collecting contributions for our teachers and you can donate to them online via our website – just put their name in the “notes” section and we will get it to them (please make a note if you would like your donation to be kept anonymous).

We have also started to put together a list of resources for artists and other individuals, as well as ways that people can help. If you have more to add to our list, email


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