A year of art and activism

Greetings and more! 
From the hotbed of dance, art, and activism, Dance Mission Theater continues to pump it out. Every day brings a new effort to keep pace with an ever-changing world and inspire with righteous activity and beauty. 
To those of you who attended our monumental celebration in November to celebrate Dance Mission’s 20th anniversary:  THANK YOU! A huge shout-out to everyone that performed and to all of the teachers, parents, students, artists, and longtime community members. We rocked the Herbst Theater — all 1000 of us. 
Our new building project at 18th/Mission Streets is moving full steam ahead. It features four studios, tons of natural lights, more bathrooms, AND an elevator!! Our $12 million capital campaign is about to be launched and we are working to build a community of government agencies, tech companies, and foundations that will come forward to keep Dance Mission Theater as a cultural center rooted in the Mission for generations to come.  We are also collaborating with three other long-time Mission institutions that are also working to secure their forever homes – Galeria de la Raza, HOMEY, and PODER –  hoping to create a new model of philanthropy that will maintain our cutting-edge, forward-thinking organizations, dedicated to community and are leaders in the future of radical, social justice thought.

We have just finished presenting our kids version of The Revolutionary Nutcracker Sweetie. Originally created in 1987 for adults, our youth filled the original roles with enthusiasm and skill, showcasing their talents in modern dance, hip hop, taiko drumming, belly dance, and down home fun. We are so proud of our youth, as well as: All of the young artists that participated this year’s Mission Youth Arts Festival; The five fierce females that presented work as part of the  WORD Series (Womxn Oracular Radical Dance); The 15 choreographers featured in the D.I.R.T. Festival – Dance In Revolt(ing) Times: stormSURGE; The dancers and drummers that took part in Dos Rios Cuban Dance and Drum Camp; The amazing fellows participating in the Stage Lighting Fellowship for Womxn of African Descent; and The dancers of Baile Colectivo, a project presented in collaboration with La Colectiva de Mujeres. And that is just a small snapshot of some of 2019’s activities. Whew!
Finally, as we sit here watching the results of the Madrid climate conference we are working on our own response to the climate crisis.  Hoping to inspire all of us to get real and get motivated, we are presenting Dance Brigade’s latest evening-length work, BUTTERFLY EFFECT, a site-specific dance piece that features nine dancers and six drummers that takes a close look at the climate crisis and what happens when one speaks truth to power. BUTTERFLY EFFECT explores the interlocking of systems as well as how one person can make a difference. The show is full of raw talent, beauty, and faith. It is a must-see. Please join us January 24 – February 9 at Dance Mission Theater and be a part of the ever-widening circle of concerned citizens that are tackling this issue. 
 It is the dawn of a new decade. We are excited for a future of equity, cultural preservation, women in leadership, generosity, and love.  Thank you for partnering with us all of these years and for continuing to work with us for years to come.

Krissy Keefer
Artistic & Executive Director

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